[Poll] What are your addicting apps or games... why?

So yesterday +Martin Guay admitted he might have a problem with a specific game.  And I've got to admit I've had my own share of daily addictions to apps and games ... let alone just using my phone.

Part of my outgoing message on my voicemail is that "...my phone is never more than 5' away from me...".  I've had a couple apps in my past that I had those 'daily rewards' or 'weekly challenges' that I'd have to go in every day and consistently use the app to get the bonuses.  Eventually I've had to cut myself off because ... well it was just silly in the end.  And that's always been a hard thing to do, that final 'uninstall' and then going the next day without checking it.

I wanted to know about your 'habitual usage' for your phone.

Is there an app or game that you just HAVE TO play every day?

Let's leave the standard "social media" or "browser" apps out of it...

What's your unique, addicting app or game that you just have to have on your device?

For me, it's been probably Ingress... I've been on/off that for ... well since it started.  Others like Duolingo or push up apps I would do as it would motivate me for something good.  Then there's the competitive games like Word Monsters where you're part of a league and if you're the top 3 you get pushed up higher.  Fail 'do your bit' by playing every day and you'll get pushed lower.

How about you?  Feel free to enter as many separate entries as you like!

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