OnePlus's OxygenOS off to a rocky start?

We were supposed to see the OxygenOS release happen today.  I had marked it in my calendar and everything.  Even +Sylvain Le Bourhis was able to come home in time for the release.

But there's no sign of it yet... just some trails from the internet today over at Reddit have shown some of the discussion may not be as rosy as everybody had hoped.

Last night during our show, we mentioned how some of the Paranoid Android folks were being tapped to come in and develop/maintain the OxygenOS; which sounded awesome. PA is a very neat take on AOSP with a lot of innovative features thrown in.

First off there was notes that it would be another month before it was released

So they're behind schedule.

...But it's still going to be awesome right?

Well... if by awesome you mean also Open Source (not necessarily does one mean the other, but for the sake of my writing I'm going with it) then NO.

As +Russell Holly holly succinctly put it, "oh".

There's going to be a hell of a lot of confusion surrounding OnePlus in the next little while.

Source: various Reddits via Leigh Momii and Russell Holly