More Lollipops for more Canadian devices (HTC One M7 and Moto G)

So earlier this week I had the "where the heck is my Lollipop" blues.  The G3 in the US and some European countries had it, we knew the Moto X 2014 and HTC One M8 had already received it in Canada... so where's mine?

I had enough of a wallow and decided we could chat about it during our 103rd hangout show, and then lo and behold my G3 got the 5.0.1 update.  Great.

However, that still left many devices in the dark.  Well, as +Martin Guay mentioned at the end of the show, it looked like the M7 started to get the roll out at that point, and then I missed the fact that the Moto G (2013) is updated, both got 5.0.2 (which makes me now want that +0.0.1 bump).

I've updated our Firmware Update Database accordingly now.

Who's still waiting for theirs?  The G2 isn't until like April, Samsung's later devices SHOULD be soon, and then earlier ones are slated for April.  Sony said the Z series will get it, but no firm timelines.

Are you still waiting, or have you gone and tried a custom ROM yet?