Lollipop users can now use Xposed!

Yay... one step closer to full ART support!

Just the other day I was sensing that the G3's Lollipop update is imminent and my fear was that with Lollipop comes default ART compiling.  Which is cool.  ART means faster loading, better battery...

...but also means incompatibility with Xposed; which I use to tweak out my G3 to look the way I want it to.

I don't know if you can see the subtle differences in the status bar icons

So I had removed Xposed to 'get used to' how it would look on Lollipop when it gets on my device.

And then today we hear that Lollipop compatibility is now here!

This doesn't necessarily mean ART compatibility (i.e. if you want to put your 4.4.x device on ART it still won't work); but at least those with 5.x can now install the Xposed framework and keep all the same modules.

It's still in a very alpha state, but rovo89 has stated that it works fully.

You can go and download the flashable zip over at XDA