Level Up Studios brings a different spin on RSS reading

If you're a tech junkie like I am, you like to be able to see some of the news being release all over the internet. The best way to do that is using an RSS reader.

Level Up Studio came out with their own called Palabre which is the same developer for Plume, Beautiful Widgets and Bright Weather! With its unique material inspired design they aim at bringing you all the content you've selected in a nicely designed format.

A lot of the time when I have an app that requires me to sit there and read, I tend to look to see if I can switch the theme of an app to make it darker or black. One awesome thing that this app does, it offers both light and dark theme.

Right there, this app gets an extra +1 over other applications.

I do have to say that having a tab at the top of my news feed with the various category is awesome! It makes for navigating the vast amount of RSS source I have much simpler.

- RSS support
- Feedly support with full synchronization of articles
- Material design with delightful animations
- Beautiful Magazine or List user interface
- Readability support
- Built-in browser or use your own browser to read articles
- Manage your sources, their categories
- Browse the most popular articles (Feedly only)
- Search within the articles
- Mark as read (manual, automatic on scroll)
- Change reading order (oldest/newest first)
- Dark theme
- Save articles for reading later
- Share articles
- Android wear support

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