Leandroid helping you stay afloat a little longer!

One of the main things that usually annoys me with battery saving applications, is the bloat they usually carry. Leandroid isn't in the same line of work as they, but would rather give you a simple, minimalist and direct approach to your battery life.

This is definitely a what you see is a what you get application and it's very much to my liking. The idea behind it is simple, whenever your screen is off, the service such as WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS are disabled.

With the following screen capture, you'll be able to see that Cellular radio (root) and GPS (root) obviously require root. I've rarely seen anyone leaving their GPS settings to always ON.

I've configured Leandroid to keep WiFi, Data, Bluetooth (my service is always off unless I have a headset) on for 5 minutes after the screen goes off in case there's other things that comes in; emails, Pushbullet, notifications etc.

My Data whether it be WiFi or Cell Data will re-enabled on a period base of 15 minutes plus the added 5 minutes off screen time, every 20 minutes for 60 seconds. This translates to synching 3 times an hour. I think that's relatively good, keeps me from wanting to turn the phone screen on all the time and I can focus on the work I'm doing during the day.

This isn't the "God send" battery saving application, but if you need that extra juice because you're running low all the time, this might just come in handy. With all the different gadgets at our disposal, it should be rare to see or hear people say that they'll drop out shortly if they don't juice up, but it still happens.

Check out my article from yesterday as well, some great battery extending cases which can keep you charged for a longer period of time or why not get yourself a small size portable 3200 mAh stick? This should be more than enough for any smartphone out there.