How to use the new Smartlock feature on the LG G3 with Lollipop

With the new features of Lollipop appearing on many devices lately, I thought I'd take a moment and showcase my new favourite feature:  Smartlock

Essentially, the idea here is to leave your phone without a lock code/pattern if it's near something it trusts.  This could be while you're at home, or at the office, or near a trusted bluetooth item.  If any of the conditions you set are true, then it doesn't use a security lock feature.

If those conditions aren't met (i.e. I left my phone at the library and it's no longer near my G Watch) then the phone uses a security lock screen; such as pin, pattern, or my favourite Knock Code.

Very handy as I want to secure my phone from strangers getting into it, but I just can't be bothered to have to punch in a pin or my knock code every time I want to turn the screen on.

Thanks Smartlock!