App Dialer app/contact search Review by Adam Slobodian

[Ryan:  This review has come in submitted by one of our readers +Adam Slobodian .  Thanks Adam]

App Dialer app/contact search

The beauty of Android is that the individual has choice of how they interact with their device.  There are a multitude of launchers, gesture applications etc that can be used to personalize the experience while making you more productive when using your device at the same time.

Enter App Dialer app/contact search from the developer Aleksey Masny.  This app allows you to quickly search your device for a contact or application by using either T9 or QWERTY keyboard (the choice is yours).

As soon as you open the application you are presented with a keyboard and a list of your last 3 used applications just above the keyboard.  If you want to find a contact or application on your device just start typing and usually within 2 or 3 characters the application you are looking for will pop up.  If you single tap on the application, the application will launch.  If you tap and hold the application it will provide additional options which can be unlocked with the pro version of the app (Uninstall, App info, Pin to home screen and Page on Google Play).

Searching for a contact works very similar as searching for an application.  Start typing the name of the person in your contacts list.  When the name of the individual pops up you can single tap to call the person or long press for additional options (SMS, Edit, Info and Pin to homescreen).  Again the long press options require the pro version of the application.

When the application is launched you will find a settings cog in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.  If you tap and hold it will bring you to the settings menu.  Here you can choose between using the QWERTY keyboard or T9 dialer, App theme, widget theme and the option to buy the pro version of the application.  There is also a More… option and when selected you can choose how you would like the app icon to look (Blue, Light or Warm), Show widget history and with the pro version the option to enable or disable the quick launch panel in the notification bar.

For me personally what makes this application so useful is the fact that you can choose to long press on the home button and swipe up to launch the application.  Usually that function (On the Google Now Launcher at least) will launch Google Now.  With this application installed you have the option of either launching Google Now or launching the application.  A simple swipe up from the home button for me will bring up the keyboard and I am only a couple of keystrokes away from launching the application of my choosing or calling one of my contacts.  It is similar in a way to how you can swipe down to search in iOS.  It’s very quick, very efficient and makes me a lot more productive on my device.  The link to download the application from the Google Play Store is listed below.  Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Get it on Google Play