Android by the Numbers (Feb 2, 2015)

Start of a new month means some new updated figures for Android's Developer Dashboard.

If you're a developer, these numbers can help you determine what version of Android you should focus on as it tells you how many Android users out there are on what version of Android (and remember these are not just EVERY Android user, these are the ones who are using the Google Play Store app.

This marks the first time we get to see Lollipop on the list.  But it also tells us other things, if you check some of the historical data I've been keeping track of.

A 1.6% introduction to the table may not seem like much, but when 4.1 came in it was only 0.8%, same with 4.2.  Kit Kat came to the table starting with 1.1%.  So let's see how this 1.6% goes, because by this point only a few devices should have seen the newer version anyways.

We're also starting to see the slow down of Kit Kat.  Hopefully by next month we'll see a lot more on 5.0, now most of that should be taken from KK numbers, but the others are also slowly declining.