Wug Fresh updated the Nexus Root Toolkit (v.2.0.0)

I've been saying this a fair bit lately, "I miss being on a Nexus".

Rooting and ROM'ing on other OEMs is just not the same (wait til you hear my story about AICP for my G2).

As much I've always advocated for folks to learn as much as they can on how to do things like rooting and whatnot, sometimes you just don't want to be bothered, and a simple multi-tool makes things not just easier, but quicker.

+Wug Fresh  makes a wicked tool just for that for Nexus devices, and it's been updated to v.2.0.0

Check it out by going to his website and downloading the simple software that just about anybody can use (I recommend it to many folks when I know I can't get over there to root, or put the latest build on).