Two apps enter; one remains

I try not to load too much stuff onto my phone so when I decide to add an app, one comes off. The latest two to battle are Simplifit and Folding at Home

Simplifit is a unique app that helps build new habits. The focus is on loosing weight so many of the options are geared towards eating healthier and substituting activities for eating. You work on up to 4 habits at a time telling the coach when you've done a habit building activity. It's very important that you personalize the notifications or you will have 4 notifications at the same time and it gets annoying.

Get it on Google PlayI started easy with building a habit of exercising every day. One unit would be something like 10 crunches. Once you could incorporate one unit every day for awhile, it boosted the number of units and after completing the cycle, the habit was built and a new activity started. It is not easy building habits; I struggled with eating vegetables and my mind wandered a lot while meditating. This is a subscription service so when the month free trial was up, I found it easy to uninstall the app because I don't need to loose weight. I would have paid one time to finish building the habits I started but this is a service that mixes support group with personal coach. I will continue to meditate and I do think more about eating vegetables. I think it would be a great alternative to a weight watchers type program for some people.

Folding@Home is much less interactive. Simply install the app from Google Play onto your Sony device and put it to charge at night. As long as it is charging and WiFi is available, it will do some protein folding. You don't get to choose the project nor do you see anything happening if you check out your phone. I used to do SETI@Home and you got a neat screen saver; it would be interesting to see some folding proteins. My Z3Compact was at 100% charge in the morning so it balance work with charging quite well. I'm going to keep this on for awhile. I enjoy helping researchers.
Get it on Google Play

So two apps for your consideration. Simplifit launched on Android first and followed Material Design. I found it quite smooth to use and if I were looking to lose weight, quite smoking or make another life style change, I would have invested for longer. Folding@Home is a way to give your phone something to do when you don't need to use it.