New Ingress Glypher Badge - the Translator

I think I might have just missed an announcement...

But I noticed this new medal show up in my Agent Profile

Looks to be a badge for Glyph hacking portals.

After some quick testing it looks to be based on the number of glyphs you get right.  So if you glyph a P6, you get 4 chances.  Don't worry about speed, the speed bonus doesn't get you any more.  Just get them right.

Scoring is based on this; get all glyphs right, and depending on the portal level you'll get a specific set of points.
P1=1, P2=2, P3=4, P4=4, P5=4, P6=8, P7=8, P8=15

Looks like a P6 would be the easiest to get the most points

Hopefully this might help me get my next Gold badge... 6,000 glyphs, or 1,500 perfect P5 glyph hacks.  Shouldn't take too long... right?

Waiting on you +Niantic Project to officially announce.