HTC's next device to be announced March 1st (just before MWC)

CES is barely in the rearview mirror and already folks are looking to the next big event in tech, which for us phone folks will be at Mobile World Congress.

MWC is taking place March 2-5 in Barcelona, but HTC just can't wait that long to show off what they have next.  Is it the HTC One M9 that everybody's talking about?  The timing would be right as it was about this time last year the M8 was shown off.

I'm not going to get into whatever rumours are floating around about the device, but just showcase the facts.

We know that HTC is hosting an event on March 1st in Barcelona.

This was posted by HTC's Jeff Gordon (no, not that Jeff Gordon... the one that had so much fun busting that kid last year... god that was fun) on Twitter.

Utopia eh?  I'd like to see a name change... you know my thoughts on sequential numbering for devices - it gets old really quick.