Falcon Pro 3 for Twitter now released in the Play Store

If anyone is anyone, you'll remember a classic app for Twitter by the name of Falcon. Today is the release of Falcon Pro 3 and if you're a Twitter fan, you'll be in for it.

With its new dark material design and slick look, some of you may just be tempted.

Before you jump ahead, you need to know that although the application is free to install to your devices of choice, there's a limited time to use a "Free account" for which you will then be encouraged to get yourself an account at the cost of 3,99$ for the main account and 1,99$ additional for any subsequent accounts.

This is a complete rewrite of the application and from what I can tell by using it, +Joaquim Verges has done a great job in making this classic app into the material it deserved.

You may notice, if you do play with the application, that some elements are missing. I was worried when I wasn't finding a "settings" menu, looking carefully, I could only come to the conclusion that it will be added at a later time.

You'll notice that if you pull the side menu swiping left to right that you can pull out the accounts you are currently using, making it easy to switch between them.

If you were to Tweet, you'd be able to do it from multiple accounts instead of just the main one that you're currently in.

There's a lot of improvement, performance and stability added in this first release.

Why not head on over to the Google Play store and try it out for yourself?