CES Day 4 (thursday) recap

Another day of CES has past, and today's the last day.  Things are starting to slow... whether it's a matter of everything's been shown, or just those that are there are getting quite tired; regardless there were still plenty of things shown off yesterday.

I've updated our database of the list of things again, but here's my quick recap of some of the highlights of yesterday:

  • StoreDot showcased their new battery technology... albeit still larger than current batteries, you could still charge a 2000mAh battery in just 3 minutes.  Hrmm...
  • Sony released a bunch of speakers and even a couple receivers (just after I had had a discussion with +Mark Lastiwka about the existence of them anymore - I miss my audiophile days)
  • Jide released a Surface competitor, but with Android called the Remix

All those and more.