CES Day 3 recap

(I know, yesterday was not really Day 3, yet, it's the 3rd day, so I'm calling it what I want)

So, it's been a crazy day again at CES yesterday... and I'm just following the news outlets like you are - I can only imagine how folks like +Stormy Beach+Amanda Blain or  +Russell Holly etc are coping with the mayhem.

Yesterday we saw some cool things, and then we also saw how CES is changing for the major OEMs.  To see more details and all the items I think that are relevant to the Android user, I'm tracking it all in a database I posted on the first day.

  • Samsung gave a 'ho-hum' presentation, and really talked about IoT (internet of things), as most people are.
  • The Air2 levitating speaker
  • Lenovo let out some tablets... nothing wowing; but they really hyped up the DOit, SHAREit, SYNCit (which reminds me heavily of this)
  • Alcatel (and I had no idea of the connection between Alcatel and RCA, but it makes sense now) released some meh phones
  • Polaroid released a phone reminiscent of the Oppo N1 (although it was called the 'selfie', but their phone called the 'flip' doesn't have a 'flipping' camera)
  • Panasonic broke out a 'camera/phone' (a 1" sensor in a phone? wow)
  • It looks like TCL (which is related to RCA and Alcatel) will be resurrecting Palm (can I say I'm excited?)
  • Yota released their second generation of the dual display phone
  • Saygus showed off a phone with not only 64GB storage inside, but has 2 microSD slots, so you could add up to 128GB each... making for a total of a potential 320GB of space; but it also includes built in root access.  Hrmm...

And a slew of other headphones and speakers.  Again, check out the database for the full list of what I've been able to see thus far.  

What has quirked your eye so far?  Anything you want to throw money at?