CaastMe is a good way to send links from your phone to your friend's computer

Cover artIt took me a while to see what CaastMe might do for 'me', and the 'cast' in the name didn't really help me put it together.

No, it won't cast your phone to a website (tho', still waiting for a nice option on that without Chromecast or Wifi); what it does is send a website that you may be visiting on your phone to another computer (or even another phone).

Now many of you will say "we have pushbullet", and that may be well and good, especially as "Chrome2Phone" is going away; or "just use TabSync".

All plausible options, but here's my scenario.  I'm at work.  I don't have wifi here, I don't get a chance to set many privileges on the browsers I use.  So if I've been sent a link via text message (a link via a hangout would be easier) and I want to see it on my desktop CasstMe will help out.

  1. I tap the link to bring it up in whatever browser I'm using (for me Chrome) and then choose to share, then opt for CaastMe.  This will bring up the app which will bring up the camera.  It wants to know where to send this link.
  2. On the computer I'll go to and it'll generate a random QR code which (my best guess) is a temporary session indicator.  
  3. The Caast app will read the QR code, tell caast's back end that tell the website with that session to redirect to the URL you fed it.

If the URL is small enough, it'll be just easy to type it in on the computer, but if it's a complicated one, or you want your boss to go to the site, just tell him to go to and then you send the URL through.  Pretty quick.  Quicker than an email for those scenarios.

Get it on Google Play