BootUnlocker for Nexus Devices... and OnePlus One!

I remember my Nexus years -I still have a Nexus 7 2012 but it doesn't count!- where the first thing I would do after unboxing the phone is unlock the bootloader and have to swipe everything by doing so.

Now I own a OnePlus One with no access to the root and a locked bootloader. My main reason for staying fully stock is to live the CM way, which I love, but also because I really feel it is less urgent for me to hunt for the "best" custom ROM available because CM offers me everything I could dream of and also I don't want to spend as much time on my device wiping everything, installing nightlies or alpha or buggy ROMS and have to reconfigure my phone over and over again.

BootUnlocker for Nexus Devices (and now for OnePlus One but not Nexus 6 or 9 yet) does the job of unlocking your booloader without wiping the device. Where it kinda gets weird for me is it will work on OnePlus One but you need access to root. Hum... I remember needing to unlock the bootloader first in order to root my devices... have I missed that much since I decided to run stock devices?!

What do you think about unlocking your bootloader and rooting nowadays? Still a must?

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