Bhoot turns gifs into boot animations

So, I posted a while back about this, but was just reminded today again about it as it looks like it's somewhat updated since last I looked.

It's now taken somewhat of a 'list' look where they're keeping a database of other previously uploaded (and perfectly fine to share images - if it's not quite 'appropriate' they won't show it publicly).

You can peruse the lists and see what's popular, or new, or upload your own.

It works the same as before, upload a .gif and it'll do work on the back end to make it an appropriate flashable zip, or you can download the zip file and move it yourself.

Installation Instructions

There are many ways to install your new boot animation. The easiest is to copy it to /system/media making sure you backup the old one and set the permissions to 0644*.
I would recommend watching this YouTube video for a full tutorial.
Next time, try the Bhoot app for one-click installs.

*Set permission rw-r--r-- (or 644)

There is an app that should help you, but it's essentially just a link to the website itself, but it will

Now, keep in mind, that I did find a cool one for the enlightened, and it looks like it should be a good size (this is just a small preview).

However, when you download it I have to put in the 2560x1440 resolution of my G3.  What that does is make the size of the gif, and then it puts this picture dead in the centre.  And for a QuadHD display it makes it look like the one below (essentially a little logo with a lot of black all around it).

So, be warned.  Try to find your own appropriately sized animated gifs (XDA is a good source).