Are You Buying the OnePlus One (without an invite) on Jan 20?

We knew it was coming... it's been so discussed at length for a long time, yet it hasn't happened yet.  There have been some times for a pre-order or have just an hour long promotion where you can buy, but never really a 'no more invites' date.

Tomorrow, OnePlus will be doing a 2 hour window, where if you want to buy the device, you can do so without having to have an invite.

The device is well over 6 months old, but that doesn't mean it's dead in the water... it just means there's wild flying rumours about the successor.

It's still a great value, and it's been split decisions by those that have had it (I wasn't impressed, but +Sylvain Le Bourhis loves his).

Will you be ready to shell out on your credit card to OnePlus (and DHL for the fees it'll tack on to bring it into Canada)?