Aluminyze your photos into a cool case (and more)

Aluminum vs. Aluminium...

As a Canadian chemistry major it's pretty easy to pick the 'ium' version... but then it wouldn't work for this product:  Aluminyze.

As the name suggest the idea they have is to print high resolution photos right onto aluminium.  Not a new concept for sure, but they have a rigorous quality control program set in place to ensure your high resolution photos get high quality prints.

When you look on the site at the samples they look amazing and the medium does help for your photos to have a more 'vivid', more 'realistic' look to it than standard paper or canvas (personal opinion mind you).

What's also cool is that they can print in a variety of shapes and sizes, including making a case for your phone (Galaxy S3, Note 2 only tho'... I'm bugging them to expand that offering).

It's a very cool way to bring your photos to life.  As a semi hobbyist photog I always love to find ways to bring my photos to life (still debating to try GrooveBook... but got to figure a way for it to work for Canada).

These days as we take nearly all of our photos with our phone, if you remember we did a poll a while back and it was nearly unanimous that the phone is the main photo taking device.  I can't recall the last time I pulled out my dedicated camera. We're less likely to make something of them it seems when taken on the phone, and this Aluminyze is a pretty cool, unique way to bring them to life.

On my G+ page I just posted a poll about what is it that you hang on your walls in your house...