Why isn't wireless charging the norm?

Why is it that we're still fiddling with MicroUSB cables to charge are devices when wireless charging or magnetic charging cables are available on the market?

We even have QI charging pads which work with some devices. I blame the manufacturers and the developers of the wireless charging technology on this one. It would make so much more sense than having broken MicroUSB ports.

I'm wondering why the technology hasn't made more manufacturers adopt this mode of charging. It would make it easier for everyone. Drop it on a pad, grab that little cable that just magically attaches itself to the device, voilĂ  you're done.

If you think of your wearable devices, it just makes more sense. Take for example this watch;

Simple and effective way to drop and charge.

You can transfer your files wirelessly VS using a MicroUSB cable and you can use a wireless charging method for getting juiced up. Do we really need a MicroUSB cable? I believe we still do, because a lot of us will want to be able to load a custom firmware, recovery and this can only be done at the moment via fastboot or Odin.

The common user in his day to day life, won't be going that far. They will simply drop, charge and go.

We have all sorts of device form factor and this means wireless charging needs to be adapted to each of these devices, not only adapting, but making sure that it can accommodate the battery size and capacity.

This leads me to wonder if this is going to be adopted on a larger scale. What's your take on this?