What's your Android Battery life like? What are you looking for when it comes to it?

When it comes to the battery of your smartphone, what is your battery like? Good, bad, awesome, wtf?

When you shop around for a new phone, is the battery size, life important to you?

Do you charge your smartphone once a day or are you one of those who would prefer that it last longer before a charge, say 2days worth?

I prefer that my battery last me longer than having to charge it, that's just how I see it. I've coma accustomed to carrying around a portable battery charger just in case. Something that small to fit in my pocket, but powerful enough to charge my phone fully once.

If you've followed me before, you are quite aware that I have portable battery chargers up to 20 000mAh!

Let's spark a discussion and share your experience, what your looking for next or simply tell us what gets you through you're day.