What's happening lately?

Netflix is making the news today and for good reason, they officially announced Android Wear support. Soon you'll be able to get notification about upcoming releases, what's new for you and more.

This isn't the only interesting news this week so far, Google is to be working on a "OneClick  buy now" for internet shopping. Google would rather have you stay among its domain VS sending you over to a competing retailer.

I can't blame them, I would do the same!

One of our teammates Android Coliseum is all about the Google Office application and this should make him happy as the Google office app are getting an update.
  • Support for opening and editing Microsoft Office files directly inside of Docs, Sheets, Slides.
  • Suggest edits for other users’ documents that can be accepted or rejected.
  • Access and create Docs, Sheets and Slides documents without a data connection.
  • Crop images and add borders in Docs, Slides, Drawings; connect images in Slides and Drawings; recolor, change opacity and add effects in Slides.
  • Typing an asterisk in Docs and Slides will automatically convert it to a bullet.
  • Copy and paste charts between spreadsheets Slides.
  • Add trendlines in Slides, miniature charts in individual cells.
  • Add-on tools in Docs and Sheets for things like printing mailing labels and adding MLA-approved citations.
  • Add borders and backgrounds to tables and merge cells.
  • Improved support for blind and low-vision users, including easier screen reader use, better text-to-voice verbalization and improvements to keyboard navigation.

Let's not forget that today Telus announced something big for travelers. They've decided to cut down the US Roaming charges due to increased competition. This should come as a relief for our Telus friends!

This was a quick update on the news about what's happening this week. Stay tuned for more!

I'm sure that by the time we get to Friday we will see more interesting new items!