Weekly Recap #AC

It's finally Friday and we can all say #TGIF! This definitely includes myself and the crew at +Android Coliseum. Let's do a little recap of our week and highlight some interesting subject.

The most notable one that we've all seen is the ability with Messenger from Google, to be able to change the color of your bubbles. This was one of the few things that people went on and on about when Messenger came out.

How about we talk about OnePlus One and kerfuffle that happened? It was no surprise that the community would go up in arms about it. We all knew that Micromax had an exclusive deal with Cyanogen and that OnePlus One would have to figure something out. Later on we saw Cyanogen address some of the concerns that this generated and seemed to have explained a few questions.

Some people thought that this would be the end of all things Cyanogen on OnePlus One for North America and other markets, but it’s in fact not an issue. Commitment to provide updates for current handset it still in play.

Following the Black Friday deals from last week, we landed on Cyber Monday! We had a large number of deals that were going on all over the different sites, online and offline. One manufacturer offered deals for Canadians up to the 7th of December leading into the Christmas deal period.

Those deals are still going until the 7th of December, so if you haven’t had the chance to go about them you may as well take a look at them. Easy to find, it's on our main page, check it out. http://www.androidcoliseum.com.

One of the notable conversations this week, revolved around battery statistics. We all have different opinions, requirements or expectation of what battery usage should be. It was noted that some phones have larger battery size, better at managing the use of the power or simply sucks.

Suffice to say that most of us are happy if we can get about an average of 15 hours’ worth of power in a day. This not only enables us to go to work, use our phones, leave work and or attend a function and come back home later on to just charge.

Being a bit crafty, myself included, I have a portable battery charger I carry around with me which removes the need to actually having to charge up. With the winter season fast approaching, there will be times where skating on the Rideau canal will require some juice and there’s no better way to do it. 

We have a couple of reviews on the way for the Note 4, shape speaker, Z2 tablet, Z3 compact tablet and the Z3 compact happening shortly! You’ll want to stay tuned for these as it’s going to be an interesting time. This leads me to our Christmas wish list and shopping!

Most of us have started our Christmas shopping, decorating or are just done with it all. I’m telling you, a Christmas Elf just covered my place way before December, I guess he couldn’t wait to just do it! Christmas shopping, food, friend and a bunch of parties have started. If you have taken the time, you should really look into the new Santa tracker! Your kids are going to enjoy that.

Signing off for this week folks and hopefully will have more next week!