UnikCase delivers awesome products and they're from Quebec city!

I was trying to find a local shop or a shop in the US that could do custom decal printing for Sony's Xperia Z2.

I ran into some problems. Most places carried the Z1, but not the Z2 or Z3. I couldn't understand why. So your typical sites such as DecalGirl, Nuvango or Skinit didn't provide anything for me.

I did however land on dbrand, unfortunately, these guys don't allow you to use your own image for printing into a nice vinyl decal.

I found it annoying that one of Sony's flagship wasn't carried for custom vinyl from at least one of the major vinyl providers.

I did find other sites that did do custom vinyl, but I hit one little hurdle in that process. Who wants to pay nearly 50$ to have it made? I could have understood 20$, but not for the price they were asking and the shipping was from India.

This led me to check out other options out there. Landed on a site called UnikCase and they are based out of Quebec City. Behold! Located in Canada, so I know this wouldn't take an eternity to get delivered.

The product itself is pretty solid, typical slim design, great finish. The printout of the design I wanted looks good. The thickness, if you were to measure and ask me, is about 1mm. It adds no bulk to the phone, the ports are not covered which leaves you access to the microSD side, the sim, the mag port charger and all the surroundings. Taking the time to look at the microphones on either side, the speakers and access buttons, you can easily see that thought was put into this case. If we take a look on the back side, the camera is very visible and this will allow you to take awesome shots without any problems.

I placed my order on a Sunday evening and got my order in the mail today. Painless process all the way, from the design to the receiving end.

Link: http://www.unikcase.com/