Scams, free trip, unwanted calls, we all get them, but what do you do with them?

If your like me, you probably have all your contact in your phone? right? So really why would an unlisted number, an unknown or even an 1800 number be calling you?

Personally there should be no one calling me, that's just my take on it. Of course, you have the exception of the people you know. So I've went a bit beyond the usual.

I've block all unknown numbers, unlisted numbers and anything overseas. That left the 1800 numbers and whatever I may get if any.

I've also added some other marketers numbers and some "You've WON A TRIP" to the block list, but again those simply rotate and fake their numbers.

I'd like to see what others are doing to keep those pesky unwanted calls away. Do you have a go to site, a block list or simply an app you use? Tell me what works for you and if it's an app, as always don't forget to say if it's root or non-root!

I'm using a call blocker app, it's Advanced Call Blocker Pro for my Xperia Z2 and for my rooted HTC One M7 it's Root Call Blocker Pro.

Here a couple of links:

Root Call Blocker Pro:

Advanced Call Blocker Pro: