OnePlus wants a name for their new ROM

So after the whole CM fight that's not a fight... it was clear tho' that OnePlus was looking at creating a new ROM.  Now, their parent company, Oppo, makes ColorOS... but they want to do something different.

Trickiest thing about any new product or service is coming up with a name... names are tricky and they really need to be 'just right' to attract customers as well as fall in line with your brand.  It's not easy.

So, OnePlus is going to crowdsource it.  There is something to that idea of opening it up to the users to let them name; but I know some designers and advertising agents who tire of this method.

The winner of the name will get a 64GB device and a free trip to Hong Kong to meet the OnePlus folks.

Cool if you win...

Check out the details on how to enter below.