Material design, Lollipop, flavors!

There's been plenty of flavors since Angel Cake and now we're starting to get Lollipop on some devices already.

What does this all mean for people? Better performance, better system, new features, next gen smartphone?

For the most part we all have a time line as to when to expect Lollipop from our device manufacturers, but the problem is when it comes out to the carrier to deciced if the new OS will be pushed out or not. I agree that it would make much more sense to have the manufacturers push the updated OS directly to the consumer base VS having to wait after the carriers, but now that might actually change for some. It would seem that the carriers are poking their nose into the release of updates and OS version in regards to the Nexus line.

This is more than likely not only going to affect the Nexus but maybe others as well in the long run if the carriers get what they want.

Let's talk flavor, what's the version of Android you've really enjoyed playing around with? Was there something that made more sense then others? I did enjoy the days of Eclair and Froyo, it was during that time I started to learn about rooting, roms, custom everything.

Hit me up, I'd like to hear about your adventures!