Fiverr's new update now for both sides of their userbase

I've loved the idea of Fiverr.  You know, "hey, I've got a neat little bit of talent that I'm sure you don't, and for $5 I can help you."

Someone who's great at some quick little editing on Photoshop, or simple logo design, or newsletter consultations... small things that sometimes for some folks it's a pain to do, but for others it's quite simple.  That's the idea behind Fiverr.

When I was between jobs I debated heavily about placing my own Fiverr gigs, but never did (just couldn't figure out what it was that I could offer... and then Helpouts came along).

The issue if you were a Fiverr user was that the app was only for one group... those that purchase gigs.  If you were a gig provider, then you got no real use out of the app.

Fiverr noticed that of their group, 60% were Android, and more than half of their providers were using the app (even though they couldn't take advantage of it), and with those numbers in mind, decided to provide an update to address these stats.

Today's app update now starts to have both users in mind, the gig buyers and the gig providers.

Providers will be able to:

  • Create and edit their gigs
  • Deliver gigs directly to their buyers
  • Monitor revenue and manage withdrawals

Very cool.

Are you a fiverr user?