Confirmation that the Note 2 will get the Lollipop update?

So, you know how I like to keep track of things...

Well, this made me double check my database for firmware updates... We had always thought that the Note 2 should get the 5.0 update, but it looks like it might be confirmed.

photo from Phandroid
The Finnish side of Samsung's website on their site that it looks like the Note 2 will be getting the update to 5.0 (along with the Note 3, but the Note 1 is 'el tietoa' - no information).

As with most of these tidbits of information, what we don't know is the time table.  The update of the 4 and 3 to 5.0 should be fairly easy, as we've seen in some leaks already.  For the 2 to go up, it may have to be updated to the newer style of TouchWiz (in my opinion), which could mean a longer development period.

I still know lots of folks with a Note 2 (my son included) and running the device on Lollipop should really help breathe new life into it.  Let's hope it's sooner, rather than later.

Source: Phandroid via iTechTriad