Turn any gif into a boot animation

I liked having a custom recovery, if only for the reason of being able to easily flash things you're not given on your phone... OTA updates, tweaks, etc...

One of the things I used to love doing on my Galaxy Nexus was flashing new boot animations and showing them off.  My favourite was the Doctor Who vortex.

Trouble was finding just the right animation, and ensuring it was the right resolution for your phone.

Well, someone's created a website to take that work out of it for you and lets you put any gif (yes G-if... no soft 'g' in 'graphic') into the proper file type for a boot animation.

Hat's off to 'eth0izzle' (a Reddit user) for building this.

Personally I rarely turn off my phone any more so I rarely see the boot animation, and thus don't pay it any mind.  But I have some ideas.  What are yours?

Source:  http://gif2boot.ifc0nfig.com/ via http://www.androidauthority.com/website-turns-gifs-boot-animations-568890/