OnePlus has an interesting way to handle Black Friday deals

Of course OnePlus has to do things a little differently.  I mean they are trying to build more awareness about themselves, so they continually have odd marketing campaigns.

Black Friday is just a huge thing lately, even though it's because Friday is a day off after Thanksgiving in the US and stores will offer big deals, it's crept its way into Canada as well... it's a huge marketing opportunity that OnePlus couldn't turn down to take part in.

But, instead of just giving a deal they're going to do it a little bit differently

Their plan is that they're going to have some accessories on sale, and in order to determine what price to sell it at you'll have to share it on Facebook to help set the amount of discount it'll have.

For example, the JBL E1+ headphones are currently over 2,000 shares, which means 5% off.  If it reaches 20,000 shares it'll be 20% off.

Not crazy deals, but better than nothing.

Here's the email I got



Dear friends,

This Friday, OnePlus will be participating in the post-turkey festivities with special sales and discounts. All the accessories your heart desires, including the JBL E1+ Earphones, will be available at discounted prices. Those prices, however, will be determined by you.
Visit our website now and share your favorite OnePlus accessories with friends and family. The more everyone shares an item on Facebook, the more discounted the item will become. Work together and watch the discounts climb.


In addition to our accessories sale, we have some very special things planned for the big day itself. So, make sure you keep an eye out. Happy Holidays!

OnePlus Team