Fuelbox - Picked as 2014 Indiegogo Maker Challenge winner

Now and again we tend to list a new cool item that's on kickstarter or indiegogo, but this one I had to share as it just one the 2014 Indiegogo Maker Challenge, and it looks really cool.

For a $49 investment you can get one of these Fuelboxes as a perk (or $90 for 2).

We've covered LOTS of  power options for your phone here on the site.  But I think this is a very cool marriage of a bunch of the different ones.

Fuelbox is a plugin for your wall, which doesn't obstruct the plug ins as it will also have 2 external options, but include a USB and adapter plugs for your device.  Nothing new there.  It also has a battery pack (5200mAh is no slouch).  Again nothing new.

What is new is how it's set up.  The battery pack just rests atop the plug-in to charge up.  And when you're ready to go you just take it off.  You don't have to unplug it, or move plugs around etc...

I like that.

Plus, the top of the Fuelbox allos you to rest a phone or a tablet on top of it to charge when needed.

Very cool.  For $100 (you'll have to add $10 to ship to Canada) it's not a bad price for what's out there these days.