Are you ready for the winter? Too cold to pop your phone out?

If you think your can't just whip out your smartphone because it's cold, think again.

Glider Gloves has got you completely covered! Unless you've been living under a rock, we've feature their products on Android Coliseum over the last 2 years and they've been great for us.

I know I hate it when I'm outside trying to pull the phone out of my pocket and in doing so freezing my hands. The alternative is to have those gloves that almost everyone have, but can't really fit into your pockets and even less perform well on the screen. They make looking up a bus route easy or even if your out playing Ingress.

Glider Gloves makes it easier for you to enjoy using your smartphone even at -20 degrees.

Myself, +Ryan Moore  and +Tom Gray have been quite happy to keep are hands warm when we've been outside in the cold and wanting to use our phone. We've all seen these people outside blowing hot air on their hands while using they're smartphone.

With Glider Gloves you make this a thing of the past.

Why note look them up and see if this could be something you'd use? (It's worth the price)