Google Voice coming to Canada?

If you've been following our little blog for a while, you know one of the things I can't stand is a rumour.

...but a conjecture...

So, on our site, we try to maintain a 'Canadian angle' on the stories we report on.  We're never first in line with news, but we try to have the spin you'd want to see.  For the longest time our top read article was on getting Google Music to work in Canada.  Since that roadblock is no longer there, one of the next top is the "How to get Google Voice"

And if I'm not too crazy... it may look like we may have to ditch that article as well.  Again, this is just conjecture.  +Alex Wiesen who works at Google made a post about how Google Voice is looking to improve it's MMS capabilities.

He mentions working with carriers and then specifically mentions Bell, Rogers & Telus.  Why would a service that isn't available in Canada be interested in talking to those providers?  Hmm?

You read on and tell me what you think: