Winners for the End of Summer Giveaway 2014

Thank you.


To everyone who entered this giveaway.  It's readers like yourselves that help us pass the word along that allows us to be able to give more items away.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors.  Without their generosity there wouldn't be anything TO give away.  So... why not give their pages a like, a circle or +1?

+Samsung Canada
+Color Cables

This year's winners:
  1. 8bitdo NES 30 (Sylvain's review | Ryan's review) x2
    1. Clinton H
    2. Juan B.
  2. Tylt Galaxy S5 screen protector (Ryan's S5 review)
    1. Jefferson D.
  3. Tylt Moto X screen protector (Tom's Moto X review | Ryan's Moto X review)
    1. Rhiney M.
  4. ColorCables x2 (Ryan's review)+ Tylt NFC Stickers (Ryan's NFC article)
    1. Paul B.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 White 10.1"
    1. Peter V.
  6. Nomad ChargeCard (Tom's ChargeCard review)
    1. Darren Y.

For those that posed the questions in the contest, don't worry, we'll be answering them.  There were lots of great questions.

All winners have been contacted and awaiting confirmation.