What would an 'Ingress Glove' look like to you? [poll]

So it's September... end of summer (hint, still time to enter the giveaway contest).

End of summer means a pretty sharp turn in the temperature for us around my part of the country.  This means a few things.  For one, the shorts go back in the drawer for another 10 months.

It also means starting to bundle up again, a fall jacket, maybe a a light toque or skullcap ... see I like to take my walks around the area for my lunches - you know, to hit up some Ingress portals.

Also, during my long weekend I've been reviewing the site's analytics and looking over what's been successful and not.  One which was highly successful was any time we talked about Ingress.

Now, recently, I've given up on the game (yes, I know... again), but still doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.  Like how I used to do laps around the block when it was -40C freezing my fingers off and killing the battery.

For those of you still playing the game, what would you see as the best Ingress accessories?  For me, it'd be gloves.  If I were to start playing again - I'd need a good pair of gloves for it  The G2 and others are sensitive enough to detect through some gloves... so I'd need to make it something that sets them apart.

But how would you deck them out best for the game?  In the colour of your faction, or the symbols embroidered in?  How will you show off form and function in the best Ingress gloves out there?

There's a fair number of players out there these days in our neck of the woods, I need something to make them jealous.  Let's hear your best ideas!