Thinking of buying a new phone? Check out our database

We had just picked the winner of our LG G3 contest.  Odds are it wasn't you (unfortunately... if it were up to me, I'd give everyone a G3); but you're still in need of a new phone.

So, which do you buy?

Well, I spent the better part of yesterday going through all the carriers and their pricing sheets and put it together on one sheet for you to compare both costs and specifications.

Just visit our Databases page and you'll see the link for "Canadian Android Devices" (it's the first listed).  That spreadsheet has one page for all the specifications of any device thus far, and the other is a carrier comparison for price.

Let me know if you find it helpful, and feel free to share.

(and if you have any contacts within the carriers who might provide me with the direct spreadsheets instead of me going through each site page by page, device by device)
it's usually best viewed by going to the direct google sheets page: