Smart Lamp Speaker - Slightly exciting!

Why the hell would I be excited about this lamp, speaker, touch control, Bluetooth, speakerphone, soft silicone top?

Well you guessed it by now I'm sure. It isn't your ordinary lamp and it sure as hell an interesting concept. Currently the kickstarter page has about 70 backers for about 6000$ and there's still 26 days to go!
  • Use it as a bedside light or light up the night on your deck or patio.
  • The Smart Lamp’s speaker can be paired with Smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth devices.
  • Take a conference call or simply touch it to turn on some soothing tunes and unwind at the end of a long day.
  • The compact size makes it versatile and portable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • There is a battery built in so you can take it with you.One APP controls all functions – and you can dim the light or set the alarm to come on playing your favorite tune quickly and easily.
  • The light has a comfortable color temperature to emulate dawn and dusk which enhances the tranquility of the moment.
  • Turn on the lamp with a simple, intuitive light touch on the soft (environmentally-friendly silicone) iconic lamp cover.
  • There are three levels of lighting making it perfect for everyone – from story time to party time.
This is one of those items I'd take with me on vacation or even camping. You've got a nice light source and some nice tunes while sitting around the fire. The one up on this is they have an app you can use to control it, making it much more interesting in the end.

When it comes to its power source, you're looking at about 12 hours of lights, 8 hours of music and a combine light and music for about 3.5 hours. The battery life isn't the greatest but considering what your getting, I think it's not a bad deal.

The regular going price for this gadget comes down to 79$, but that includes the pricing of the item, the tax, the shipping and the cost of doing business all around.

This is totally one of those items that has the versatility.
If your interested, you should check out the kick starter page..