Hey everybody, it's the last day to save yourself some cash if you're going to the AndroidTO conference.

Not going?  WHAT?  Seriously it's a great opportunity for Android Developers and Enthusiasts to get together, hear some speakers and get great insight on the state of Android... and generally Android Geek Out.

You should want to go now; and Friday, September 12 is the final opportunity for the Early Bird pricing ... But you have to act fast.

This'll be the 3rd year for me; and it'll be VERY interesting in that it's at a new location, and instead of the 'streams' this year it looks to have one stream... which you may think 'aww, not as exciting', but look at the line up of speakers:

  • Cecillia Abadie (LYNXFIT) "Android for Wearables"
  • Danesh Mondegarian (CYANOGENMOD) "Contributing to Android"
  • Tejas Lagvankar (YAHOO) "Developing for Android TV: Getting Started"
  • Matthew Patience (BNOTIONS) "Chromecast: Building Experiences, Not Apps"
  • Kevin Grant (TUMBLR) "Motion in Android - Getting L animations in the applications that you're actually building"
  • Gabriella Levine (GOOGLE[X]) "Robotics for World Change: Insight into Google[x] and Beyond"

and more.

I'm really excited to see some of the topics... new areas like Wearables, AndroidTV, developing for Chromecast.  And of course, Google[x] will be pretty awesome.

See you there!