musicSheet (PRO) review

Cover artI believed I covered this app as part of the #AppColiseum some time ago, but I hadn't given it a video review (and with my suggestion of SCR the other day, I'm really using it a fair bit).

Essentially, if you play bagpipes, for years we've been using "Bagpipe Music Writer" where the file formats were .bmw or .bww for the more recent.  I remember my early years on the DOS version and hand coding the sheets for the embellishments and melody notes.  I transcribed books into the format (and then like all formats, it changed, ever so slightly to make them not as useful).

But fast forward and there's still a great community of folk using this format and even professionals.  I know I recommend it to all the students I had taught.

Now with the Android app (it's not really associated with the official BWW software, but it's a reader/editor) you can take it on the go with you.  I bring it with me to band practice now instead of carting my books (where possible).  Tablets make it even easier to read.

There's a player so you can hear (in a hideous midi format - still no real software out there to fix that), edit the file (in case you didn't like a specific setting) and you can even incorporate Dropbox (which is a big plus and THANK YOU to the developer for listening to me on that!).

Check out me using it... if you're a piper, you need this app and the couple bucks is well worth it; as a few of us in our band now use it at the practice table.