Movvy provides a space for video messaging

So instant messaging is quickly replacing text messaging.  People are facetiming, skyping etc... Heck, I primarily use Hangouts for all my messaging needs.  We use the Hangouts for our Hangouts.

The only drawback to a lot of these services is that they require the other person your contacting to also have the service too.  Facebook, Google, Skype, iMessage, etc... if the other person is a Skyper and you're a Facebook'er, we'll you're not going to be able to message each other.
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Then there's a new option.  Movy

In and of itself it's somewhat of a social media option where all posts are done via video.  Folks can respond with comments or videos themselves.

The neat thing is that the 'posts' or video messages can be set up to be like a youtube video that's 'unlisted'... i.e. anyone with the link can watch it.

Like this video sent to me by Lorrie of Movy who reached out.

(I was going to share, but I don't really have her permission to do so, so just take my word for it)

Unfortunately the video isn't embeddable.  But I have to say... of all the app submissions I've been sent over the past while, this is by far not only the most unique, in terms of using their own app to share it with me, but also personalized.  She obviously read through my profile, knew of the website and our weekly hangouts etc... so good research!

I only have a few concerns for the app.

Mainly it's going to be data usage.  But fret not - playing about a 90s video was about 16MB.  So unless you're heavily using this on data only, you probably should be okay with your plan (my current plan of 3GB/month I tend to use about 2... so that'd leave me about 1GB or approximately 125 minutes of Movy video per month - or about 4 minutes/day).

Secondly is the absence of a 'web end'.  Right now to watch a video, and I want to save data, I have to ensure that the 'email notifications' are on, that way the link shows up in my gmail - which I can then watch on my desktop with wired internet (my office doesn't believe in providing Wifi).

Watching the link on my desktop means that I can't reply or respond / comment ... I can only do that on the phone.  It's an odd scenario, but most often when I might be using this I would be arm's length from a computer with a webcam to do a video.

Here's my latest video:

But that's just me and my preference.  I like my apps to be full on mirrors of services online (and vice versa).

But I did get some feedback already from Lorrie about how they're working hard to have an iOS app and a web app going soon (I like how Android was first).

There's a community set up for those willing to explore the options of a primarily video based messaging system ... and again, sending video messages doesn't just have to be to other "Movy"ers, but the video can be shared to anyone.

Get it on Google Play