Mobile Metronome Pro [review]

Cover artSo, yesterday I showed off an app that I use and it's pretty much for a small small segment of the Android population (those that play bagpipes), I thought I'd show off something for those that play any instrument.

Mobile Metronome Pro has pretty much all the basic features you'd want to use in a metronome.  You can set the tempo and it'll beep away (4 different kinds of beeps); for me having the 'tap for tempo' was an important feature as well.  Although, I wonder how exact it is (or is it TOO exact) as the number varies wildly for what I think is a steady tempo.

Mobile Metronome Pro - screenshot thumbnailIt has the advantage of also being able to accent the 1st beat (and I'd like for it to be able to accent for 'pulses' - like we have in Strathspey music where in 4 beats it follows a 'strong' 'weak' 'medium' 'weak' pulse).

You can play with the time signature, but for some reason 6/8 doesn't quite work for me (it actually counts 6 beats... unless for bagpipes we just say 6/8 but it's really something else)

If you like to have something really rein you in to keep a proper tempo, this is a good app.  Set it to flash or vibrate (but why would you?  ... oh... ohhhh) or just put headphones on while playing by yourself and this thing will help.

Trust me, playing to a metronome is the best thing for a musician to do.