Humble Mobile Bundle 7 [7days left!]

Oh geez, how could I have missed this.  I almost forgot about it entirely.  Good thing there's 7 days left.  I just loves a good deal.  Normally I jump on this immediately ... but somehow had forgotten.

Humble Bundle has another mobile bundle for y'all.  Standard rules apply.  Pay whatever you want - for that you'll get 3 games.

You'll get

  • Tiny Bang Story
  • Color Zen Premium
  • Heroes of Loot
Pay more than the average ($4.08 at the time of writing) and it's then 6 (and probably more as they close in on the last few days).
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  • Horn
  • Sorcery
Horn is a pretty awesome game and worth it just for that.

Is it sad that I pay for these and then usually never play them ... or never play them as much as I tend to play free games?  Normally you might say that's sad, but remember some of this money is going to charity (EFF and Child's Play).

So go grab your bundle!