The LG G3 is here, the LG G3 is here...

It's rare that I actually get excited about a release of a phone.  But the G3 is something to be sure!

I just got my review device yesterday and for the few moments I've played with it, I'm in love.  Feels right, not big at all and just sleek and light.  I'll be playing with it for a little while so if you've got questions, just let me know.

In the mean time, if you want one, you can order from one of several carriers as of today!

  • Rogers - $180 on contract ($600 outright)
  • Bell - $150 on contract ($700 outright)
  • MTS - $150 on contract ($650 outright)
  • Videotron - $200 on contract ($600 outright)
  • SaskTel - still listed as 'coming soon'

Sure, the carrier I'm on has it listed as the most expensive.  Grr.  No way I'm updating my plan.  I wonder if the Videotron one will work on my phone

We'll be updating our database pages as more information comes in where you can see it compared to the other carriers; and you can see the specs of the phone compared to others as well.

How about you?  Are you excited for this phone, or what are you waiting for next?