Rogers and Fido want to help you 'tune up' your phone'

So Rogers and Fido have launched a new service that will be at every Rogers location soon.

It's going to be a "Device Tune-UP" where you can bring in your device and have a 'health check'.

To me it sounds a little ephemeral, but remember, I'm not the average user.

From their video on the site it looks to be a kiosk where the diagnosing and tools are via some software.

What can it help with?

  • Get a Device HealthCheck
  • The first step in the diagnostics process, we’ll run a Device HealthCheck to make sure your smartphone is up to date and running like new
  • Depending on your operating system we can check what apps are running, what is using up your battery, if you have the latest OS and more
  • Safeguard your data
  • Are you passing your phone down to a friend or family member? Device Tune-Up can securely wipe you data and even back it up.
  • Transfer data from one device to another
  • If you’re getting an upgrade, Device Tune-Up can transfer your data from your old smartphone to your new one so you can be up and running right away
  • Depending on your OS or where your data is saved, contacts, images, videos and SMS can be transferred

Having worked at a cell repair location, I really am somewhat 'dubious' of this.  I'm sure it'll be peace of mind for many, but what I've found is the 'one solution fits all' scenarios really don't.

Looking at the laundry list of issues it can help with, I'm what it's really doing.  I've asked Rogers to see what software they're using, but I'm doubtful I'd get an answer.

Aside from the "HealthCheck" (which I'm really curious about), the rest should be very simple for anybody else to do on their own (I showed my dad how to back up his phone in a matter of minutes when the carrier told them they were going to do a complete wipe to fix his network issues).  But again, this is a good customer service play for the 'average' customer.

If you need help and you're not a Rogers or Fido customer (or even if you are), you can check out my articles on "Disaster" or just hit me up on Helpouts.

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