LG teases us with the next G Watch (hint: it's round)

Back when we asked you what kind of watch you were looking at, overwhelmingly you had chosen the Moto 360 (which isn't even out yet).  It looks like LG is listening to that kind of support and is now teasing us with the next iteration of the G Watch (can I just say 'gwatch' now and not "Gee-watch"?).

Here's the video

If you're like me, you watched it a few times and then paused it in a few spots.  It's going to be a round watch face.

And, if you look at the places I did -you'll see notice special:

Not only is it going to be round, it's going to not have that telltale Moto 360 gap at the bottom.

This tech just intrigues me how it'll work.  Personally, I don't mind a square face, but there's a lot of you who want round.

Will we see it at next week's IFA?  Probably.  And let's hope that the trend of "here's what we're building - come buy it next quarter" ends and we can get it soon thereafter!