Going back to school - use this app to check your book costs

So with school looming about... many are about to head back to those dreaded halls (I actually miss my uni days).

One thing I didn't miss about going back to school was the outpouring of money.  Sure, I had loans to take care of the tuition (which luckily I was able to pay off quickly after school), but the amount of money spent out on books was insane.  I've still got a few shelves in my basement ... if you're ever in need of Zumdahl's Chemistry book (I'll have to look up which edition)... just drop me a line.

But nowadays there's plenty of options than just the campus bookstore.  I remember several friends getting together to buy one copy, and then burn out a photocopier.

There's a new app to help you shop for books a little more frugally.  Simply get your lists of texts, go to the bookstore and scan the book's ISBN.  You'll get a list of alternate sources for the book and costs.

Here's an example of a scan they've provided:  http://www.directtextbook.com/isbn/9780321558237

Not too bad, considering many of the books I bought we ended up using only certain pages (mostly assignments).

Pick up the app today for yourself or for your kids (if you're the unfortunate one who gets to pay for the books).

Get it on Google Play