Biologic Bike Mount Dry Bag [review[

It's summer, and well... we haven't had much of the really good warm weather, but when we do I try to maximize my time out there.

This year I don't get to bike to work (new office is way too far away), so I like to use my bike whenever I can to counteract the non-riding time.  Mostly that time is to play Ingress - but it's a pain to hold the phone in my jacket pocket, or in my backpack and then take it out when I stop ... hack, and then put it all back for the next leg of the journey.

Biologic has a bike mount for me to try out, the Bike Mount Dry bag for Galaxy devices.

It looks really cool, and my phone (the OnePlus One) just fits in the bag.

Before you mount it to the bike you might want to take a second and measure it up the foam pads it comes with.  Use it as a template and cut out a spot for your phone.  Slide the foam piece into the bag first and then slip your phone in.

I suggest making the template a little smaller than the phone, that way the phone can rest on the foam and give it a little more shock protection.  On my OnePlus it just wasn't possible to get the foam and the phone in there at the same time.  The opening on the bag is a little tight, so be patient.  Take your phone in and out a few dozen times to get used to it.

Then clean the inside of the bag... any dirt or oil will show up 10x worse and make the screen hard to read.

Once the phone is okay in the bag go see where you'd like to put it on the handle bars stems.  You can set up the phone to be either landscape or portrait.  Problem is if you don't watch out how it'll lay out and you've secured it, you'll have to cut off the tie-wraps to be able to rotate the mount (it seems backwards to how I would have set it up, so I made a mistake a couple of times).

Once it's secured, you turn the knob on the mount to open the fasteners and then put the phone on and then tighten it up.  It feels really secure to me and is pretty handy.

The bag is made of some great material and the plastic for the screen works well.  It's got a double fold over the zipper for the opening so you know that it's going to be water tight.

My only complaint on the whole thing is that MY phone is just too damned big to properly fit in, and it's taken me some time with a blade and that foam to try to make a custom fit.  But it's really worth it in the end.

Now I only wish my hands weren't so big so I could get inside the bag and clean the plastic.